It’s Easter. Color me in……

wet is the color
grey is the name                 or fly   <press
2015 04 03 706 6 rain mist jpg sig

2015 04 03 715 6 mist and rain jpg sig

2015 04 03 719 6 color me in rain washed jpg sig

2015 04 03 720  6 mist in my view jpg sig

2015 04 03 722 6 color me in wet river view 722 6 jpg sig

2015 04 03 715 6 color me in trees jpg sig

2015 04 03 733 6 lichen new shoot raindrop jpg sig
New shoots making their claim
And the kite that can’t fly today!
2015 04 03 738 6 kite that can't fly jpg sig

2014 09 28 kite jpg sig
The kite that can’t fly ‘as was’ last summer….

Press Kite to fly                  or color me in

Gill McGrath© Diary today.  March 3 Good Friday 7.00 am color in the fields ~ (sky project©)

Happy Happy Easter!!!

22 thoughts on “It’s Easter. Color me in……

  1. We have heavy drizzle here in lovely picturesque Cornwall 😦 Also a very damp grey day.
    The only upside is that I won’t be washing the car or doing any gardening today. I was definitely going to, you understand, it’s just that it’s raining…


    1. No excuse! When it rains I brush the car down with a soapy mop then watch it all get rinsed off with the rain. It usually works but you might need an umbrella! Have a lovely Easter Ali ! ❤


  2. It does look beautifully bleak! I’m also struck by how bare the branches are. Here in London, trees are getting greener and magnolias are in full flower. So I send you an imaginary London magnolia and wish you a sunny and happy Easter!


  3. oh my I love the hints of green leading up to the full green .. hugs and Happy Easter…
    hugs from Laura


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