today- watching them watching

them getting away from it all…..round about 9 o’clock
2015 04 05 yesterday getting away from it all jpg sig
not sure if they are coming or going
2015 04 05  kinda nice 5 jpg sig
above it all the jackdaw pair
2105 04 05 kinda nice 2 jpg sig
We are all fascinated with this particular Jackdaw pair who survey everything as they hang out in their nest on the chimney over the way and also in the trees where they count the cars-
We are fascinated with the daddy’s unique white feathers on his head and front. He looks royal and is the only one like it in the flock so he is easy for us to spot!- I guess the mother bird can pick him out just as easily and see what he gets up to!

At 7 this morning ( maybe it tried before that)  the sun shone promising a nice day…..took the photo….. as it turned out the sun went in quickly and wasn’t as bright as it’s promise ….
2015 04 05 kinda nice quarter to seven jpg sig
decided to hang out at home…….

But the sun did come out in the end….in the  evening…… and for as long as it lasted it looked like a half eaten Easter egg still in bright wrapping and hiding in the trees! Yeah!

2015 04 05  715  sunset jpg sig

2015  04 05 735  sunset 735 jpg sig

2015 04 05  sunset 731  jpg sig [three stages the descent between 7.15 and 7.35 tonight]

Nice chilled  but busy sort of day. The weather forecast for tomorrow is sun so with any luck will  definitely plant the seed potatoes and cut the grass (maybe)

Gill McGrath© Today. Diary. Easter Sunday  April 5

It’s Easter. Color me in……

wet is the color
grey is the name                 or fly   <press
2015 04 03 706 6 rain mist jpg sig

2015 04 03 715 6 mist and rain jpg sig

2015 04 03 719 6 color me in rain washed jpg sig

2015 04 03 720  6 mist in my view jpg sig

2015 04 03 722 6 color me in wet river view 722 6 jpg sig

2015 04 03 715 6 color me in trees jpg sig

2015 04 03 733 6 lichen new shoot raindrop jpg sig
New shoots making their claim
And the kite that can’t fly today!
2015 04 03 738 6 kite that can't fly jpg sig

2014 09 28 kite jpg sig
The kite that can’t fly ‘as was’ last summer….

Press Kite to fly                  or color me in

Gill McGrath© Diary today.  March 3 Good Friday 7.00 am color in the fields ~ (sky project©)

Happy Happy Easter!!!