6 thoughts on “Peace. Sun rising. To a silent tune

  1. Beautiful photo Gill…
    It’s a real shame that you have to wait so long for the Sunrise, our Sun comes up before 5.30. Also I just checked and your Sun sets at 8pm, well that’s a damn disgrace because ours sets at 8.39pm. If I were you I would write a letter to the council and complain…
    Hey allegedly it’s Good Friday today but that’s not good enough for me so I’ve called it Fabulously Excellent Friday instead, tomorrow is Brilliant Saturday and the day after is Superb Sunday, then it’s Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Glorious Wednesday, Thrilling Thursday…
    It’s also forecast to be 16 degrees celsius today which up here is SCORCHIO!!!


    1. Huh! Time is relative yunno! My camera actually doesn’t know the clocks moved the other day and still say its 5.30 when its really 6.30 so I have to do a bit of maths when I get back, like adding an hour to what- ever the camera says. So was I really there at 5.15 or 6.15?. If I keep catching this morning sun God only knows what time I will need to turn out in June (but I will).
      You have caught me on a bit of a high so I think I might go on here! It’s very addictive chasing the sun and a dose of it at dawn seems to get rid of a quite a lot ( no practically all) of the deep down dark in me, just like that! It is amazing.
      I hate early dark winter evenings. They give me the screaming hab dabs (is that a word?) so I am saving up the sunrise pictures for leafing through when the sun ain’t there later. Amazing stuff sun light!! Even by afternoon I am likely to say to anyone looking my way ‘did you see that sun today?’ and there it is up there anyway, so of course they can see it! But they don’t know anything about the one I saw earlier( all ‘framed’ and looking like something else) and wonder what the hell I mean , so I have to hold down a little. But yeh! Everything looks great all day long from seeing the morning sun. It even carries over next day when isn’t sunny !!!.
      Love what you are calling the days of the week, especially today…. Fabulous!!! Can’t wait for Thursday.
      (12 degrees outside here at the moment, some fluffy clouds and few tiny planes heading to Heathrow above, blackbird in the birdbath, pigeons on the lines )Your 16 degrees sounds like summer!


    1. You are so right! Time doesn’t matter ! There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky when the sun came up today. The rise never looks quite the same two days running, but it is always glorious……( ‘captures and raptures us’……I so so like that!……I think I am still up there somewhere!) 🙂


  2. Excuse me, I seem to have my tongue stuck in my cheek, however will I be able to eat my Ēostre Eggs… Today will be another hot one Gill, we are expecting the year’s first visit of the number 17 to the Celsius gathering this afternoon… Hope all is well, happy Ēostre to your fine soul.


    1. They said it would be sunny today, but its not; temp says 11 (in the shade) mostly cloud, so it looks like chocolate won’t be doing much melting here. Looks like its better weather at the Loch then! ( and a new monster seen in the water from satellite….!!!) Expecting rain here tomorrow! Don’t get sun burnt. Eostre Greetings and all that ! ( How did you get the line over the E ?)


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