September is just…..

2015 09 11 September is a new cut field DSCN2642.jpg jpg sig

A floating thing

The new
Cut field
Whispering pink

2 2015 09 11 September DSCN2635.jpg sig a slice of moon

3 2015 09 11 September DSCN2694.jpg sig a cloud. a plane. moving slow

4 2015 09 11 September DSCN2730.jpg sig Faberge dancing above the lines

5 2015 09 11 September DSCN2734.jpg sig a light. gentle beyond the trees

6 2015 09 11 September DSCN2760.jpg sig a view

2015 09 11 September is DSCN2788.jpg sig an Autumn peach

Gill McGrath© Morning sunrise today (before dawn and moon) [snapped 2015 09 11]
(there is a small slice of moon top of second pic)


1 DSCN0166.JPG morning mist prelude.jpg sig
Last night
The evening blush
Promised early morning sun

Yet over there at break
The bird still sits
Hidden in a mist

And on the chimney hush
Another barely wakes

While the long legged watchman
On the roof
Quietly stares

1 DSCN0205 pigeon.jpg sig

2 DSCN0210 chimney.jpg sig

3 DSCN0187.JPG heron 1.jpg sig

5 DSCN0188 heron 2.jpg sig

6 DSCN0190 heron 3 JPG 1.jpg sig

7 DSCN0191 heron 3 about to fly.jpg sig

Gill McGrath© August 29
first shot: yesterday evening from window ~ late
other shots: this morning from window ~ early