#napowrimo2014. Day 20. (Or the promise of Lines daily)

Up with the Lark!

Wake up world, where are you!
I’m wide awake!
It’s not that blooming early

It’s seven- twenty five
The Kettle has already boiled
And Coffee’s done

Just look out there…..

It’s cold
It’s cloudy
And just a little misty
And every-thing still dares to sleep
Even the birds are quiet. Just pigeons moaning
And the cat out there with nothing to do…. digs

Perhaps it’s time for a pause

Its Sunday
I’m going back to bed!

Gill. Diary. Today. Apparently early (not poetry, just saying, job done)

Moon Song: The Movie. [Trailer]

2014 15 04 Moon Song. The Movie. Trailer Jpg sig
Moon: Not her again! She bought that camera to take close ups of me and she is so bad she has never taken a good one yet, even when I smile!

Clicking noises

House: Yikes! She caught me. What-ever do I look like? Stay very still behind me Moon, perhaps she will go away in a while.

Silence for a moment

Moon: Has she gone?

Her by the gate: How does this blooming thing work? I can’t see a thing!

Followed by hurried footsteps and a door shutting then silence at least from out here

House: She’s gone! You can come out now moon! Perhaps she’ll give up and we’ll never see her again!

to be continued [Ha Ha!]
Gill McGrath [2014 15 04] nawripomo 2014
A very bad rhyme (it sort of rhymes!) for a very bad photo

A: for alphabet sky

No car, so had to use the bus today.
Was able to stare at the yellow fields across the way…..
And as I sat
I promised me to walk there on another sunny day.

Then I looked up and
Saw the sky, specially blue and clear and
Tiny little air planes  were busy painting there..
I watched a line become a kiss; an X against the blue !
So with promises of more shapes to come I……
Fiddled for my camera

But it wasn’t there!
So I missed the shot of an upside down V turning into an A!
Gill McGrath

Press link here for an A in the sky which was caught on camera
Alex Raphael