Moon Song: The Movie. [Trailer]

2014 15 04 Moon Song. The Movie. Trailer Jpg sig
Moon: Not her again! She bought that camera to take close ups of me and she is so bad she has never taken a good one yet, even when I smile!

Clicking noises

House: Yikes! She caught me. What-ever do I look like? Stay very still behind me Moon, perhaps she will go away in a while.

Silence for a moment

Moon: Has she gone?

Her by the gate: How does this blooming thing work? I can’t see a thing!

Followed by hurried footsteps and a door shutting then silence at least from out here

House: She’s gone! You can come out now moon! Perhaps she’ll give up and we’ll never see her again!

to be continued [Ha Ha!]
Gill McGrath [2014 15 04] nawripomo 2014
A very bad rhyme (it sort of rhymes!) for a very bad photo

A: for alphabet sky

No car, so had to use the bus today.
Was able to stare at the yellow fields across the way…..
And as I sat
I promised me to walk there on another sunny day.

Then I looked up and
Saw the sky, specially blue and clear and
Tiny little air planes  were busy painting there..
I watched a line become a kiss; an X against the blue !
So with promises of more shapes to come I……
Fiddled for my camera

But it wasn’t there!
So I missed the shot of an upside down V turning into an A!
Gill McGrath

Press link here for an A in the sky which was caught on camera
Alex Raphael

Philosophy that makes me feel better

The way to carry money……….
Here I am. I have just got back from shopping. I am sitting on the sofa looking at my stuff filled carrier bag. I am in a bit of a fizz, again. The bits I bought are safely in the bottom for sure, but I can only hope the paper money accrued on route ,thrown carelessly in, during frantic purchasing, is still there. I now realize once again that the couple of screwed empty ready salted crisp bags, I also acquired along the way, have unfolded themselves and  and are now floating around in the carrier, big time; and they may have pushed out  any of the  floating money in a flick during my various movements along route! So now I begin my ‘after shopping mantra’ a sort of prayer, about loose paper money which always float at some stage in the carrier bag I will be carrying, quite forgotten, during the various uncomfortable stages of travelling, that is until I get home………
It is good to carry money
In crumpled wads
In paper bags

….repeated three times during the process of emptying carrier bag.

And so my God gradually answers…… gentle tones:

‘The best way I like to carry money, actually, is messily.
Crumpled wads.
A paper bag is good’*
Andy Warhol
[*Words by Andy Warhol are from the Philosophy of Andy Warhol 1975]

Feeling better already. Never actually lost anything in a carrier bag.  As far as I know.Gill McGrath©