Script: full blooded plagiarism: the lady is stressed. Act 2

2014 04 25 all the world's a stage jpg sigFor act 1 press  (not essential, this is soap)

Today’s Script:

Woman: (scrubbing at kitchen sink)
Visitors are on their way
The place is in a mess
Can’t find any words to say except
Stress, stress, stress!

Will: (calmly enters from left………)
To bed, to bed! There’s knocking at the gate:
Come, come, come,
Come give me your hand.
What’s done cannot be undone……
To bed, to bed, to bed!

GillMcG diary (not) 25th April (first 4 lines)
(Last 5 lines ripped  from the play that can’t be named. author Shakespeare)
napowrimo day 25.

Act 1 no one noticed her agony  (day 7 #napowrimo)

Meet the Bird who can prophecy weather!

2014 04 22 the bird who prophecys rain jpg sig

This is the Bird who sits on top of the pole
To hide from the cat
Who climbs up and down trees
In the garden below

This is the cat who tries to sit near the Bird
In this nice sunny place
At the top of the pole because Bird can prophecy weather

This is the Bird who
ONLY sits on the pole
When the sun  makes  a promise to shine.
But Bird is likely to make a very fast move
When the door of Jack’s house
Opens up
Very fast
To a flying bucket of water

Bird calls it a change in the weather

Gill McGrath

(Not true!  Just  an
Attempt  to write lines
for  napowrimo2014 today
and it’s raining!)


#napowrimo2014. Day 20. (Or the promise of Lines daily)

Up with the Lark!

Wake up world, where are you!
I’m wide awake!
It’s not that blooming early

It’s seven- twenty five
The Kettle has already boiled
And Coffee’s done

Just look out there…..

It’s cold
It’s cloudy
And just a little misty
And every-thing still dares to sleep
Even the birds are quiet. Just pigeons moaning
And the cat out there with nothing to do…. digs

Perhaps it’s time for a pause

Its Sunday
I’m going back to bed!

Gill. Diary. Today. Apparently early (not poetry, just saying, job done)