the morning before yesterday: a perfect light

2014 the morning before yesterday perfect light jpg sig
Two days ago
The rising sun
Was bright enough
To steer spirits to new heights
But gentle in its strength
Not to blind from sight
Every new grown twig and leaf
Lined there on the horizon
In its light

Gill McG today, raining,cold
(photo of Dawn April 18 6.09)

6 thoughts on “the morning before yesterday: a perfect light

    1. It is so lousy here its unbelievable. Seems cold enough for snow and gusts of wind had me chasing dustbin lids earlier. Rain bitterly cold. Had expected a little sun today. Visitors who went back to Cornwall from here earlier today say we will be getting more of the same as they saw it coming towards them all their way home! oh dear! Easter hugs to you too 🙂 Keep warm.


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