#napowrimo2014. Day 20. (Or the promise of Lines daily)

Up with the Lark!

Wake up world, where are you!
I’m wide awake!
It’s not that blooming early

It’s seven- twenty five
The Kettle has already boiled
And Coffee’s done

Just look out there…..

It’s cold
It’s cloudy
And just a little misty
And every-thing still dares to sleep
Even the birds are quiet. Just pigeons moaning
And the cat out there with nothing to do…. digs

Perhaps it’s time for a pause

Its Sunday
I’m going back to bed!

Gill. Diary. Today. Apparently early (not poetry, just saying, job done)

6 thoughts on “#napowrimo2014. Day 20. (Or the promise of Lines daily)

  1. Me, me, me… I was there, but then you disappeared, so the Cat and I discussed politics then we did the Sunday Times cryptic crossword. Oh well, maybe next time…
    I hope that the Sun has burned away that mist and those clouds for you by now. Up here it is clear blue skies and SCORCHIO for the third day in a row. My Rhododendron says hi, have a lovely day.


    1. Sorry to have missed you! Absolutely no sun. In fact the wind is blowing out there and the rain is now shifting in! Not even a decent bit of mist! The cat ( after it did the crossword) has since been bundled into a travelling basket and as I speak is (apparently) on his way to Bodmin of all places , for a few days ( Bodmin, where the sea gulls dread his arrival) He will no doubt return to sit in my garden under the hedge again to look (with his yellow eyes) at the birds. Heh! Is that where you were! Enjoy all that sun and clear skies by the Loch…. and ‘Hi’ back to the Rhododendron!


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