Mirage of snow. Sunset. Over my house!

2014 11 30  mirage sunset of snow jpg sig
Snow? You saw it here first! Winter came as if by magic tonight over my house!(Sniffed it at 2.30 today honestly)see previous post But Snow? A Cloud bank hung over well above the horizon line today without touching it and allowed the sun to drop out of sight in sight all the way through till 15.52. The bank of cloud has been glued to the horizon lately every evening and the sun has waved its final goodnight usually around 3 as far as cloud cover.So the sky tonight was a wonderful pink to red for lot longer tonight where it should be.But I like this the 3.30 line. The snow is a little yellow I guess but heh! Its my photograph. There has been no fiddling its simply sunlight at play. So Yesterday the robin looked like a Christmas card and tonight the sunset looks like one too. Yeah Hello Decemeber!
Gill McGrath© photo taken at 3.30pm

diamonds are for ever

2014  11 30 a line of diamonds jpg sig
Dear and lovely Em
You know I am not one for jewellery. So you’ll guess that I never actually bought any….. And no one ever gave me any [jewellery] but I am not complaining….I would have thrown it all back anyway…. I kind of settled for the magic stuff that pops out of crackers…. but I always knew about the diamonds.
Lately, I have found glitter…. all over the place….through luck more than judgement….so why did I find a cache of diamonds in such a crumby place today… so close, so quick…. where no one goes but the faeries and grotesque spiders… may be the robin hides……. The kettle was boiling. It wasn’t raining. The sun was ….well…. acting like the sun… but it was dripping diamonds everywhere….!
So I thought of you Em and….
Oh yes… you…. pretty sun, in wintery mode, dazzling…. Who probably shone pink for a bit, earlier … just a flick away from here…. same as yesterday. I have been looking at you close (almost blinded myself) with something called a camera…..for a while now….
And you darling Em, this camera thing ….it’s also called ‘latest bargain’….. it has eyes ….. and it knows more about taking photos than I do…..
Today I got up late… with the chance of catching the usual pink all gone…..so I settled for drifting about in the mist with the magic box, by the washing line…. and look what I found when I wandered away from those lines just now…..a space …. and thousands of glittering diamonds.
Dear Em did you ever, ever see diamonds? I know you can’t really answer me, but I do know what you might say (for once). ‘Yes, yes, yes …. I saw them everywhere!’
Diamonds, diamonds everywhere!(and sometimes a string of pearls)
Much love as always.
Rosie xxxxx
Gill McGrath© Diary Sunday 30th November 9.00am
[Dear Emma© / famhis©/description/ AW/ over and over/flowers©]

sun chasing. still. no place like home

2014 11 29 so here is the Christmas card jpg sig
Gill McGrath© Christmas Card I reckon.

Autumn. Morning. 8.00 am. I think. By an upstairs window.

The sun’s pink is turning one particular cloud up there. I have to go and chase it like something possessed. Believe me.

Time has no meaning now. I am moving towards the pink dewy cloud; but the delicious candy mist has been caught behind a wedge of weeping woodland trees ….. So now I scurry on uneven ground to see the fledgling sun.

Run, run, don’t go, don’t leave me now, I moan. Please stay….. I sort of sing… and count to ten. And, so along the road, I kind of dance and suddenly at 8.07…….the Sun.

And with the breeze that always comes, flashing cottontails flicker pink and brown, rabbits, by my feet in new cabbage shoots a new stinging edge.

Are they the canny rabbits from three fields away; the ancient,cosy,shooting place, that burned the other day? Well yes I think.

They did n’t stop to smile or say. Instead; they ran away….. from me….shouting ….’here we go again’…. and waved! Believe me.

Back home the robin was waiting for me singing in the figs.No place like home!
Gill McGrath© Diary 29th November 2014

day after day. day after day…nothing moves [ Robin] [3 pics]

11.00 am

By the window now……
Waiting, waiting for a spark to light the sky
Beyond this new horizon
Framed in familiar layers of pink and purple
Hanging wet in misted lines
Another new dark day
While far off stars still beckon hidden in the blue……

………Just then my robin flew down and began to take his bath 11.07am

Gill McGrath© singing diamonds
[press for the detail eyes,wet feathers,diamonds 3 pics] 
Bird on the wire in a blue mist2014 11 27 Robin in diamonds jpg sig2014 11 27 that robin again jpg sig
(For 3 minutes the bird strutted his stuff- 30 pictures in sequence- everyone a gem!)

Hadn’t seen the robin for a while……

2014 11 19 robin in the fig jpg sig
Then this morning he is out there in the garden early
Looking for the sun!
I had been looking at the starlings
Sitting in their tree
Looking for the sun
The same as me
Then I heard a lovely figgy song ~
~ It’s little robin sitting in his tree
Been there all along…….
watching me
Now it’s half past ten
So where’s the sun?
Gill McGrath©
(this little flash of red will do! Diary 7am…)
2014 11 19 starlings looking for the sun jpg sig