Mirage of snow. Sunset. Over my house!

2014 11 30  mirage sunset of snow jpg sig
Snow? You saw it here first! Winter came as if by magic tonight over my house!(Sniffed it at 2.30 today honestly)see previous post But Snow? A Cloud bank hung over well above the horizon line today without touching it and allowed the sun to drop out of sight in sight all the way through till 15.52. The bank of cloud has been glued to the horizon lately every evening and the sun has waved its final goodnight usually around 3 as far as cloud cover.So the sky tonight was a wonderful pink to red for lot longer tonight where it should be.But I like this the 3.30 line. The snow is a little yellow I guess but heh! Its my photograph. There has been no fiddling its simply sunlight at play. So Yesterday the robin looked like a Christmas card and tonight the sunset looks like one too. Yeah Hello Decemeber!
Gill McGrath© photo taken at 3.30pm

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