Dead Boring: News in Full Colour: take no notice, you saw it all before!

dead Boring
Breaking News:Too late…. Seven men, a van and a crane (a sort of cherry picker) arrived today and parked on the grass at the top of a windy hill, outside the fence where the dummy lives; they had arrived to mend the cable (no need now) it had been mended satisfactorily by a heroic Batman in ten minutes three weeks ago…… after….. three days of ferocious calls from the dummy; calls about the clump of live wires which had come down, finally and suddenly, in a storm…….and were lying in wait for days on the grass, cross eyed and ready to electrocute anything or anybody walking by. It had been a situation for some time which we had reported regularly to the board from this side of the fence, many times before, thinking the wires might be some sort of hazard especially if the wind blew. Today, the men took tea on the grass as there was nothing to do, before leaving again, men bemused about being sent to a job, that had been fixed ….. a job that had been sitting on their waiting list of things to do for the last two years; or maybe they came in response to our emergency calls three weeks ago,who knows? To any one reading this ‘news’ in all its full colour black and white glory (anyone who has come this far! thanks!): You may not be able to understand what this dummy is talking about, but don’t worry no- one else did, either!

2 thoughts on “Dead Boring: News in Full Colour: take no notice, you saw it all before!

  1. Maybe they were just waiting for somebody to be killed by touching the live wires before they could label it a dangerous situation…


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