March 4.

By afternoon the dripping washing that I had hung outside early, was dried entirely, by the wind, the breezes and the sun. Another orange frog sat there and had his photograph taken and all the crocus, petals deep purple, opened up and flashed bright gold. A plane flew past; a couple of other things happened, but it was the laundry that took the biscuit….. still smells like a sea breeze! Life doesn’t get better than that!  How was your day?


12 thoughts on “March 4.

  1. Early morning frost, Jupiter, Venus, three Rainbows and a Robin that followed me round the garden was the summary of my day.


      1. More or less settled in! The bedroom’s still a bit of a mess. I’ve done two sets of washing thus far, but the washing machine is still in the middle of the kitchen – I need a new washer for the hose so I can’t shove it into its nook just yet.
        Of course I can’t hang the washing outside because it never stops raining 😦


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