4 thoughts on “street: playing the cold blue wind

  1. Excelent frame !!! Just, a curious question : what camera or cameras do you use ? and what lenses ? … Just simply curiosity.

    I use the Canon 600D, for now it’s ok with me, but, the noise at high ISO is starting to bother me. I have 3 lenses, 50mm Canon, 70-200 Tamron, and the kit lense …

    Well, take care, and continue photographying !!!


    1. Thanks for asking. I have a Nikon coolpix p520 camera with no extras. I use it in varying modes (from auto to manual especially for certain kinds of sun sets and some night shots looking at the moon) I would n’t know what to do with extras if I had them just yet. So technically I am zilch. However I do have a bit of a method which suits me for my purpose! Mostly I restrict myself to what actually works for me right now. I ask no more from the camera. Although that could change! It sounds a bit glib but bird shots work simply because the bird bath is outside the living room window…..the sunsets and rises work because I live on a hill with some access to the same field views and wide skies which gives me time to capture different parts in different light and atmosphere over time and in a good frame and to get better at it. I also use a quick decision method for street scenes (it is a deliberate process) to get snaps as I am quite nervous and self conscious that I may be being intrusive out there and the camera picks all that up believe me.….First I snap one on auto instantly with least fiddling, so that I get at least one record as a first shot opportunity (they are often the best) then I take my time for continuing shots, allowing myself to abandon if I have to. This attitude seems to me to be the most important aspect of getting a photograph at all. It’s where it starts to be like using a favourite paint brush! I am a ‘fine artist’ who can paint quickly and in measured doses and I like working to a reduced colour palette. I use tonal considerations all the time. As a painter I understand the nuances of natural light and colour and I see the world in so many frames anyway with or without a camera! I think this understanding seems to help me get the most out of my camera as it is( I hope so)and it has helped me to take a few thousand good shots of things I would clearly not have had time to paint. I have only taken photos since starting this blog 14 months ago (a phone camera) and this camera for 9 months ago, and wish I had discovered photography years before because I might know a little more about how a camera works rather than having to discover what I have yet to do with it! I hope this doesn’t sound too much like gobbled gook. I really appreciate your comments and interest!


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