sun. now balances on orange stubble

201412 14 Balancing on a blade of blue grass
this morning
though you cannot see
this lonely sun is past the big dark wood
she’s in a different field
she’s free!
press to inspect the delicate blades of grass on which she tries to dance……
before she turns. the long track back December 23
Gill McGrath© today 14 December 8.20am and 3 seconds precisely

14 thoughts on “sun. now balances on orange stubble

      1. no! My daughter and I sat on deck chairs and looked at the sky for three hours. And there was nothing. Except for a million stars in a cloudless sky and not a meteor anywhere. Little bloody wonder I had to have another whisky. So I’m out there again. It’s 10 30 pm and I’ve seen something that might have been a flash in the sky – or I might have just had a mild stroke.
        Anyway I’ve been posting my poetry on At least that’s something.


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