Gentle purple by the rushing water

2014 12 14 Purple by the rushing water jpg sig

~ An Orange Sun behind me~
Casting purple shadows gentle
to this morning
on deep sounds of rushing water
now a silent curve of diamonds
reaching for the stirring water
dancing ever louder whiter
there against the mill
bringing flowers forever turning
every blossom shade of pink
for now and for the moment
hand in hand together as they run

Finding the flowers . Colour me

Gill McGrath© (8.14)today press for detail

11 thoughts on “Gentle purple by the rushing water

    1. Hey Timothy
      Thank you for your appreciation and kind comments. It really made my day as I have seen your photos and realize you are a proper photographer and artist or artist/photographer…. You are an artist anyway! Your camera clearly responds to your eye (like a brush) in the way you work with light! Your photos are wonderful.
      …… I am not a photographer I am a painter who has always searched for the edge of light and reflections….. but I recently picked up a camera and I am now seeing it all there in the frame with mostly satisfying quick results, so I spend far too much time snapping (although the views are carefully considered) but I am still avoiding working out the basics rules on working the camera, that is…. on how to use it with all its aspects and possibilities. Its 9 months since I had this first ever (entry?) camera (camera phones before that); hence I have a fairly limited subjects due to my lack of technical ability. I rely entirely on tipping and zooming the camera to shade and enhance natural light (or any available light if it works) and don’t like or intend to edit either the frame or to enhance the colour. I just want to catch the light. I endeavour to find and enhance the colours that are already there and I revisit and compare certain views …. I seem to get onto the morning purple which quickly burns orange and finally whitens and disappears with some ease. I live on a hill with plenty of sky early and late pink light; today morning reflections were actually red on green (that were not there later ) opposite the orange sun. I know everything would look better if I knew the buttons and where to find them AND what they do with a full understanding….. like when to control shutter speeds. WHERE ,WHAT HOW to shades out things on my Canon Coolpix P520.
      I take your point on (the wonderful complex) Pollock ….. I know I rely far too much on throwing the camera around to get results and need to get better with the camera’s pencil! Oh for a simple orange ball of painted sun, not super sized white gloss splodges that threaten to wipe out the lot! (Please don’t laugh!)… Gill 🙂 ❤


      1. I’m not laughing. “A simple orange ball of painted sun” can be very difficult to get in a photo. So don’t be discouraged.

        Your photo this morning is wonderful, and your artistic sensibilities came out in the composition, and you captured the light perfectly.

        My wife is a painter and she’s a good photographer, as well, but she doesn’t want to mess with the technical aspects of the camera, and I don’t blame her, she’s more interested in capturing the composition and the color the best she can.

        In general, your camera on full auto is going to get what you need, so you only need to worry about composition; however, sunrises, sunsets and all those fleeting colors between dawn and sunrise and after sunset from dusk to darkness can be very difficult to capture even with the best equipment. Generally it’s difficult to shoot straight into the sun and get the results you want without a lot of post processing or using filters on the lens (plus post processing).

        For those difficult lighting situations, you do need to adjust the camera for the situation as much as possible. But keep in mind, many cameras today don’t have the adjustments you need to deal properly deal with difficult lighting, and you have to use software to get the end result you’re looking for. Tim


  1. Lovely words and photo. I can’t get off auto .. I would so love to but it doesn’t work for me. (I’m fessing up!) For me the most important thing is the composition, light and background. I think you are very clever .. painting, writing, photography. Perfect!


  2. I understand why you are a bit down about the lack of a nice bright and warm sun, but you wouldn’t get such gentle and subtle colours in your photos. And is that a railway line in the back?


    1. Absolutely no railway. Its unadulterated country. There is hardly a bus service here really, well there is one…. if you want to get back on the return a week later to the next village, and still no train. Strangely car links and bus links to London are easy, so you don’t miss out on anything if it happens to have something going on there.. So its one or the other here I am afraid, big sky and church bells, ducks that wander in the garden, and the odd pheasant or two…. Its perfect peace……. or you just have to get in the traffic and go east…. the journey is long enough to dream!. Photographing or simply looking at the sunrise and sunset makes up for lack of sunlight during the day thankfully. There is a shop or two which sells bread and we still have a bank with a hole in the wall here ……but as you might expect it gets ram raided with monotonous regularity by the odd farm tractor. Turns everyone here crazy! By the way where do you think the railway lines are in the picture. We are all lines here strung up all over the place for something called electric and phones ( they cannot be avoided) but so far no railways yet! (no gas either but plenty of wood smoke) Over the horizon there is a direct line of wind from the north pole. Never walked far over the top so far 🙂


      1. When I enlarged your photo I saw a pole up the top and to the right that looks like a railway signal or a mobile phone tower.It’s amongst trees but if you follow to the left as far as the end of the pic there is a very straight flat line. That’s what I saw.


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