and so the morning came …..

full moon
same place
where flowers bathe in the dew….

….Last night
2015 05 04 1 so the morning 1022 DSCN3296 jpg sig

2015 05 04 2 so the morning 1023 DSCN3298 jpg sig

2015 05 04 3 so the morning 1023 DSCN3297 1022  jpg sig

This morning….
2015 05 04 4 so the morning 605 DSCN3306 jpg sig

2015 05 04 5 so the morning 606 DSCN3308 jpg  sig

2015 05 04 6 so the morning 608 DSCN3314 jpg sig

2015 05 04 7 so the morning 610 DSCN3320 jpg sig

2015 05 04 8 so the morning 610 DSCN3323 jpg sig

2015 05 04 9 so the morning 639 DSCN3367 jpg sig
~ in the meadow

Gill McGrath© May 4 Bank Holiday Monday

First three frames at 10.22 pm to 10.23 pm last evening ~ full moon~ wind
Remaining frames same place between 6.05 and 6.10 am today ~ breeze
Sky project©

cheery song link: Press V

extra late rise link:
and so the morning came

21 thoughts on “and so the morning came …..

    1. I don’t use a tripod ~ I think it does helps with night shots to use one but if I had used one I would have missed these particular shots (lucky snaps) fiddling around. The moon was in and out fast with the moving clouds in seconds. I would have lost them! I hadn’t realized it was a full moon, but I saw it looking very bright outside so I dashed out with the camera. I have kind of learnt to keep the camera still by pushing my elbow ( the one joined to the hand that holds camera as well presses the button on the camera! ) against a door frame or tree etc which gives me loads of time to focus the camera rather than fiddle with a tripod. Thanks for your words Julie! ❤ xxx


    1. Thanks Dr Ali . I don’t use a tripod (ever). I have learnt ( with many horrible shots to prove it ) to hold the camera steady for this sort of thing by supporting my elbow ( against a door window frame or tree etc) with camera in hand which means I can concentrate on ‘snapping’ the moon rather than fiddle with tripod and miss something that might not be there in 2 seconds time. Cloud was moving fast! I used the night landscape button here which reads off as 1/15 exposure. It felt very smudgy and long winded waiting for the process to complete and that made me wonder how many I could take as the cloud kept covering the moon! ❤

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  1. these are stunning shots, Gill. I got up very early…it is only five thirty here and I’ve been up an hour, I got some moon shots and hope to catch a sunrise…Haha, you have the patience of Job girl!
    These are truly beautiful and crystal clear. 🙂


      1. I finally got the sun coming from behind the clouds, later all I could see was a blur, it’s best not to gaze directly into the sun…duh!

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  2. I am so glad you captured the Moon, Gill! I saw Her last night but I was just too darn tired to set my tripod and camera up. Thank you for these magical images. Love, Amy ❤


  3. … Came to the same conclusion as you on rapid fire moon shots – brace against the window frame and use the night landscape setting … I missed the full moon last night; nice to see your pics!


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