color in the wind

Not so long ago we watched through the window as the fences fell over in a storm, one by one, like a pack of cards, all round the property. The high winds today have been pretty much the same, whistling and crashing all day. The fences (restored) are holding up, but it has been a day for tying down the dustbins… and checking other things….

on this slanting roof.
Catkins. horizontal in the wind. hang on
Iris. buds. still looking strong.
One bird. fluffed. hidden. nearly
Two flying things. sailing. having fun
Yellow fields. powdering.the air
Hedges. clipped. behaving…Ah!
The cherry blossom…
petals like snow
to the
Counting each one. ~ Gill McGrath © May5

DSCN3457 GM©

2015 05 05 color in the wind DSCN3427 jpg sig GM©

2015 05 05 color in the wind DSCN3443 jpg sig GM©

2015 05 05 color in DSCN3455 jpg sig GM©

2015 05 05 color in the wind DSCN3425 jpg sig GM©

2015 05 05 color me in DSCN3464 jpg sig GM©

2015 05 05 color in DSCN3420 jpg sig GM©

2015 05 05  color in wind DSCN3479 jpg sig GM©

DSCN3417 GM©

2015 05 05 color in DSCN3458 jpg sig GM©

2015 05 05 DSCN3394 GM© cherry blossom fall (all day)
Gill McGrath© May 5. And More wind tomorrow

2015 05 05 color in the wind DSCN3468 jpg sig

22 thoughts on “color in the wind

  1. How beautiful Gill, the weather is pretty bad over there I take it. I am blown away by the cherry blossom shot, stunning!


    1. Thanks Holly. Yes the wind has been somewhat breathtaking today and its not going away according to the forecasts!! The cherry blossom snowstorm at the moment comes from the huge overgrown cherry tree nearby. There will be petals like confetti everywhere for days now, as it takes days to empty on the tree, its so full of blossom. Heaven knows how old these venerable survivors are ( near 150 years old)… three of ’em in all…!!
      By the way not much sign of a sunrise or fall here at the moment. Hope you are making gains with the sun near you! 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I got my pics of the sun, nearly put my eyes out! I will post them eventually, thanks Gill.
        I adore cherry blossoms, don’t have any here!


    1. I think there is more to come. Its still going strong here. The cherry blossom tree is huge and its quite spectacular to be in the midst of one of its flurries! ❤


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