8 thoughts on “5.58 am. a gentle start

    1. Actually its because I am putting the kettle on that I see the slip ( pink orange or what ever colour it is) in the sky between the houses over the road and then I crash outside! I just have to remember that I look respectable enough ( such as dressing!) before going 50 yards round the corner where it all goes on ( the sun rise that is!!) No one is ever around so its all mine. I keep saying here ‘meet me by the power lines’ and something about ‘azure blue’, The pole by the way is the one where two pigeons sit looking at the same! (Which may give you some idea that the landscape isn’t all that!) May be Read my bit of poetry on the sticky pages above my posts if you have time under National Poetry writing Month 2014. I tuck it away! I am an artist remember and I only make you see what I want you to see ………
      ( forgive me for going on!!!)

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      1. There are wonderful sunrises over the east coast here but it is a 4 mile drive so although I often threaten to do it, I rarely do and settle for putting the kettle on instead. I do put my bins out in my dressing gown however! Loved the poetry BTW!


      2. An ‘uncomplicated’ coffee in a dressing gown sounds great to me! ……. and a 4 mile car ride to catch the sun rise early sounds like hell…..especially with the dawn getting earlier and earlier and you can’t always predict if it will even show! 🙂


    1. And thank you. I wish I could say the morning is the same today (Sunday… early). It is now raining and everything is very grey. It doesn’t seem to stop the birds lining up outside though,,,, it seems pretty mild! Have a good day !


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